Publications Conferences:   A.S. Motorina, O.Yu. Tananaiko, I.V. Trach, Hybrid silica-polyelectrolyte films for determination of tetracycline in milk // Вook of abstr. оf 6-th International Chemistry Conference Touluse-Kiev. – Toulouse, France,  2011. – P62. A. Simon de Dios, A.S. Motorina, A. Fernandez Gonzalez, O. Yu. Tananaiko, M. E. Diaz Garcia,...
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Work Package #2: Deliverables

D2.1 Protocols for silica film synthesis using surfactants and polyelectrolyte as templates Thin silica films were synthesized using Pluronic F127(EO106PO70EO106) linear block copolymer and star block copolymer Tween 20. Tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) was used as the silica source under acidic synthesis conditions in the presence of ethanol as a catalyst.   In...
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Seminar: Physico-chemical characterization of hybrid sol-gel materials

A seminar on Physico-chemical characterization of hybrid sol-gel materials will be held in UPS by researchers of UNIOVI. The seminar  took place in Kiev University on December 23 2011. It was conducted by Prof. Vladimir Zaitsev   Planning of the seminar Physical-chemical methods of  studying of chemically modified silica materials (Prof. Vladimir....
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PostDoc position in spectroscopy

Development and applications of high-resolution solid-state NMR methods to study molecular systems of pharmaceutical, energy and environmental interest   Job summary:   A PostDoc grant is available for a highly motivated candidate with an outstanding academic record in the Science or Engineering disciplines, at the Group for Synthesis, Structure and...
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Work Package #1: Deliverables

D1.1 Protocols for the synthesis of imprinted sol-gels against antibiotics using different synthetic routes. Synthesized films were transparent in the visible part of the spectrum, which allows to control the adsorption of analytes in solution and on HF surface via UV-Vis spectroscopy.  Adsorption properties of synthesized films to tetracycline were studied in a static mode....
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