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Work Package #2: Synthesis Dye Doped Sol-Gels For Formaldehyde Sensing

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Start month 07. 2011 End month: 02.2012
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Synthesis of silica films modified with cationic dyes (triarylmethane and triazine classes) sensitive to volatile organic compounds (formaldehyde as model analyte). The sensing approach is based on the use of dyes that can be oxidized with strong oxidizing agents. At ultra-trace levels, formaldehyde accelerates the oxidation reaction rate, which allows its the catalytic-kinetic determination.
The application of non-ionic surfactants as structure directing agents permits to tailor the structure and the adsorption characteristics of the film, thus building up the appropriate microenvironment to encapsulate the organic dye. The incorporation of ion-exchange polyelectrolytes into the silica sol allows the preparation of hybrid films with ion-exchange properties. Such films must strongly held the oppositely charged molecules of the indicator inside.
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